Silence is golden of the perpetual-constant-present-moment in serenity that only solidifies the lucidity within waking-life.

To enable O.O.B.E./astral-projection without hardening the human mental firewall being lucidity of waking life dreams will induce psychic shock of manifest schizo-effective disorders as a constant.

This an ancient wisdom erased from history to entrap the entire populations of earth into a prison-planet lacking cognizance of waking-life barely able to remember their dreams let-alone becoming lucid into their own dreams.

Now, of these ancients before the Khazarian-Empire predating Sumerian civilization were the power-DNA race known as the master-race that created monoliths of massive stone structures of architectural quantum-entanglement genius.

This master-race is an alien DNA known today as the powder-DNA. This was an ancient military-industrial civilization that mastered star travel same as we are now. They destroyed themselves in a nuclear war ignited by the once every 11 thousand year solar-cycle polar-shift eons ago.

In order for the powder-DNA master-race of alien DNA to survive they needed to mask their appearance more to the likeness of primitive human kind so they needed to copulate breeding with human race.

These powder-DNA aliens exist till this day and the only recorded history of them is in the Hindu ancient historic and religious writings known as the "powder-race" of super human warriors who spoke with their minds and not their lips and who read the minds of their enemies defeating them all in battle.

Last recorded history is when they copulated with humans and then became the Khazarian-Empire, but only few were still powder race.

When the breeding stock was perfected and the powder-DNA was no longer noticeable they spread like locusts to the four corners of this world, created all known religions with exception of the Hindi religions.

These powder-DNA deeply despise the Hindi-Race, but they could never conquer them in wars from before their apocalypse which destroyed their industrial civilizations.

Till this present day they walk among us, walk by us in city streets and some of these powder-DNA may be your friends.

These PDNA/powder-DNA aliens still reside on planet earth and they are those who own all the private banks financial institution of earth and their global cabal decide all laws and wars upon the earth.

Those family-name who own the global private financial and banking institutions raise all their children through a cabal of waking-life lucidity and the all working of this world practice this fluidly and never spoken.

These masters of the human race have star-trek level technologies known as time-space warping quantum-entanglement trans-dimensional technologies and will utilize this same technology to invade earth with their preplanned false alien invasion.

George Orwell, (a known historical published writer), was instructed by the PDNA to write a Crypto-Zionist globalist predictive-programming propaganda book called "1984".

This book is directly related to all known agenda ideology defined as "The-New-World-Order", "The-Single-Global-Governance" and many other definitions of same likeness.

Who are the UFO aliens visiting planet earth?

We Are The Aliens.

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